Manfred Kaufmann , Jean-Yves Petit, "Atlas of Breast Surgery"

Springer | 1999 | ISBN: 3540243518 | 134 pages | PDF | 6,7 MB

New developments in the surgical management of breast disease surgery
daily. New techniques for tumor resection, reconstructive surgery, lymph
node assessment and cosmetic surgery are surfacing due to new demands
in the market. The treatments are aimed at those patients diagnosed
with breast disease who need quality medical treatment and require
equally pleasing aesthetic results. This is an international text that
outlines the management of both the malignant and benign diseases of
the breast. High quality illustrations accompany the text to highlight
the key aspects of surgical techniques. An emphasis on the techniques
that provide good cosmetic outcomes is the underlying theme of this

From the reviews:

"This is a small, but well put together, textbook on breast surgery. …
The book is beautifully illustrated with line drawings, and these depict
the surgical procedures with a great deal of clarity and precision. … I
think it would be very useful for trainees in plastic surgery, but
possibly more useful to the general surgeon who wishes to delve into
aspects of plastic surgery … . This book fills that grey zone between
general surgery and aesthetic surgery of the breast … ." (Ian Jackson,
European Journal of Plastic Surgery, Vol. 29, 2006)

"Many new techniques have been developed to diagnose and treat benign
breast conditions, treat breast cancer by conservation surgery, surgery
of the axilla and breast reconstruction. … I recommend this Atlas to
any surgeon dealing with breast disease. It incorporates the art of
breast surgery and some of the science." (U. Chetty, The Surgeon, Vol. 4
(4), 2006)

"This is a practical and convenient atlas of breast surgery. The authors
are well recognised in their field, with a considerable reputation for
oncoplastic breast surgery. … this is a slim and convenient volume to
carry in a briefcase. … There are good practical tips for the surgical
trainee with numerous line drawings. In particular, there are excellent
diagrams for the placing of incisions on the breast. … This is a
useful book to have in theatre or out-patients and I recommend it."
(Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons, Vol. 90, 2007)

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